Recently re-located to Southgate Ontario, our continued commitment to Irish Wolfhounds comes from a love of these hounds.  Our firm belief, and our first and foremost goal, is to be responsible dog owners and breeders.

Irish Wolfhound Breeding Philosophy

As an Irish Wolfhound Breeder, we at CuGein have adoped the philosophy  "do no harm" and take very seriously our responsibility to provide our hounds with our best.  We see ourselves as caretakers of the breed and are committed in our determination to preserve and improve their well being.  To that end, we strive for excellence in health, temperament and conformation with each generation of our Irish Woflhound puppies.

About Rewarding Dogs Naturally

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To promote proper growth and development, our hounds are fed a balanced, natural raw diet.  Part of that diet includes rewarding them with our homemade and nutritious 100% beef natural dehydrated lung treats. They are additive and preservative free, clean in the pocket, easy to store and they break apart to whatever size you choose to use.  Dogs and cats of all ages and sizes go heads over paws in love with these treats; making training and rewarding a joyful experience.  Visit our Natural Dog Food and Treats page to learn more about this amazing product and how to can make your purchase today.  We guarantee that your dog will not be disappointed. 

Dog Training Services

Our private dog training programs address obedience and behavioural dog training needs.   All training sessions are tailored and customized to needs that are specific to your dog and take place in the comfort of your own residence.  Our commitment is to help people live in harmony with their dogs.   Visit our Training page to learn more about our unique type of training and arrange a no cost in-home assessment.   Training services are available to residents of Southgate and nearby surrounding areas.